Friday, July 03, 2009

PETER PITOFSKY: Clown Workshops This Summer in SF

Teatro Zin Zanni is offering the opportunity to study clowning with one of the absolute funniest people ever to walk the face of the earth. Please click the title of this post to find out about Peter Pitofsky's Clown Workshops this summer in San Francisco.

If you are ANYWHERE near San Francisco, or have the means to get there, DO NOT MISS THE CHANCE TO TAKE THE WORKSHOP and to go to see him perform with Teatro Zin Zanni. DO NOT MISS THE OPPORTUNITY TO WATCH HIM PERFORM!

If you have to pawn the last of your worldly possessions to get a ticket, GO SEE THE SHOW and watch one of the modern masters of clowning in action.


Anonymous said...

As a teenager, I was babysitting on a summer afternoon and was accidentally exposed to Peter via an episode of Reading Rainbow. I was totally awed.

15 years later, I have yet to see him live, or in anything other than a fleeting moment in The Aristocrats.

I would indeed pay anything, and probably travel anywhere within driving distance, to see him perform. But the unfortunate thing is that in all these years, Peter has never harnessed the internet to get himself out there. His Myspace is static, he has no Facebook, no website, *nothing* to say where and when he's working. I may very well have had ample opportunity to see him... I just had no way of knowing it, which is kinda sad.

Jen said...

I just saw him in san francisco at the Teatro ZinZanni show! He was great!

Anonymous said...

Is Peter in San Francisco now?