Tuesday, December 15, 2009


The clowns of the 2009 Showfolks Circus in Sarasota holding a memorial picture board that was placed in the lobby. On the upper corner of the board I placed the Coco hat that I'd brought with me. Originally it rested in a place of honor on the wardrobe rack in the Alley.

(From left to right: Pat Cashin, Toby Circus Ballantine, Robin Eurich, Barry Phillips,
Elmo Gibb, Karen Bell, Barry DeChant. Not pictured and resting in the Alley: Jackie LeClaire)

My Coco tribute as Santa.

Toto Johnson and Wayne Weems at their show in Iowa this past weekend.

If you are working this holiday season, as a clown, a Santa, a stiltwalker, juggler... whatever, please stop at Party City and pick up a sailor hat for two or three dollars, write your name or Coco's on the hat with magic marker and take a picture of yourself. We'll post them all here just before Christmas and send the link to Coco's family to let them see the wide reaching influence Mike's life and work had on the extended international circus family.

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