Saturday, October 09, 2010

CHARLIE RIVEL: Johannes Heesters - Operettenmelodien (1957)


Anonymous said...

this is great to see!
I kever kew Heesters and Rivel performed togheter.
Johannes Heesters is a Dutch born tenor that now lives in Germany.
he is still alive and is 103!!! yes 103. And whats even more special: he still is on stage!
he stared in a play as god dressed in a white suit at 102.
what I noticed in this video: Rivel must have been a very small person. Heesters isnt very tall and Rivel is even shorter.

Anonymous said...

small correction Heesters is already 106!!
And still performing and on German Television.
2 years ago he did sing: imagine that singing at 104.

Matz said...

Not only that! He even had a succesful comeback in his home town in the Netherlands at age 104 after he was kinda persona non grata in the country where he was born for decades due to his activities for fhe german propaganda/entertainment business even after the germans had occupied the Netherlands. A comeback attempt in the Netherlands around 1960 failed epically as he played an SS officer on stage. Btw. his wife is way younger. Maybe that kept him in good condition for such long time.