Thursday, October 12, 2006

Harold Hall

Classic American neat whiteface, longtime West Coast clown and Bobby Kaye's best friend, Harold Hall.

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Anonymous said...

I knew Bobby much better than Harold since Bobby was on and off the Ringling show and was a marvelous advance clown. (An interviewer could just say "hello" and Bobby would do about twenty minutes of monologue, telling the listeners what a great show was coming to town. He was amazing.)

At one point, I arranged for Bobby to get the cover of the Sunday supplement, Parade Magazine. He was delighted and tried to give me a cash tip. I was a bit shocked by that and refused. It seemed that in the past it was customary for a performer who got a big publicity hit to give the publicist some cash.

Late in their lives, Bobby and Harold shared a small house in flats (not the ritzy part) of Beverly Hills. I was honored to be invited to several parties there when the Ringling show was in town. They were both gracious gentlemen and wonderful hosts.