Monday, October 09, 2006

A Whole Slew of Lou

Photos courtesy of Bill Strong

Mike Naughton: See what I mean about the eyebrows being thicker on the headpiece in the 50s/early 60s?

Lou emerging from the car in the 40s

A classic moment, again in the 40s. These look like three cops, not gas station attendants and I don't see a gas pump in the ring. I wonder if the gag had a different premise in it's early days?

Water skiing with former Alf Landon cohort Mike Padilla at the wheel of the boat in 1967.

Wait a minute! Lou takes off his hat when he bathes in the bathtub but not when he water skis?!?

It must be a German thing!


Anonymous said...

These are some great pictures of Lou. About his eybrows I remember Lou would use one head to line up his eyebrws with his makeup and then switch heads during the show and they wouldn't always line up exactly. Lou had many different heads he wore for different things. Always a man for detail in his gags if you look at the head for skiing you see the hair is back as if blowing in the wind. not all of his heads were eggheads either. He never wore an egghead in the little car. To compensate he had a little step on the side he came out of that he would step on as he came out to give the illusion of being taller. some day I will tell you about Mike Padilla.
Mitch Freddes

Anonymous said...

LouAnn Jacobs-Barreda used to tell us stories of how she(as a kid) had to drive the boat around in a parking lot of a local church in Sarasota during the off-season, so her dad could learn how to navigate on the water skies.

great stuff...