Saturday, October 14, 2006

Frosty Little

Ringling Master Clown, longtime Boss Clown of both units of the Ringling Circus and International Clown Hall of Fame inductee Glen "Frosty" Little, looking like someone has let a little of the "Hotarini" out of his sails ; )


Anonymous said...

I have heard the term "Hoterini" used before, but can you please explain what it means?

Anonymous said...

I once asked Frosty the origin of-
"HOT-TAY,HOT-TAY, HOT-Tarini...!"
This was his answer;
He was mimicking Gunther's mix of German, French, and English slang commands that Gunther used while working with his elephant's, and in turn Frosty used his version to give commands to us.
Your's Truly, one of Frosty's *Punk's.
*Punk is slang for baby elephant,
not the slang word you were most likely thinking it is applied to.
John Darragh
Red Unit- 81 thru 85,87
Blue Unit- "86"