Thursday, April 26, 2007

CHAZ CHASE: Cirque Bouglione

After a long career in vaudeville Chaz Chase sort of dropped out of sight in the 1940s, only to re-emerge in the 1950s as a sought-after guest on many television variety programs.

This mid-60s clip tells us that he was working in European circus during that time and I've recently found out that his final two appearances were on Late Night with David Letterman shortly before his death in 1983.


Anonymous said...

I dont know why.... but ive lost my apetite after seeing this one....
suddenly i dont feel hungry anymore.

And i can guess his cause of dead:

he couldnt perform his here in belgium: because it is forbidden to smoke in public places ( restaurant, pub,theatre,etc...)

has anyone an idee how this " i can eat anything" routine is done??

when you ask him: what do you like to eat and he answer o about anything

you can take him on his word for that.

Anonymous said...

Magician Tom Mullica's Cigarette eating act:

I see some inspiration...
Tom currently does a Red Skelton tribute show in Branson, MO which has gotten some rave reviews, I understand.


lee chase frank said...

mr chaz chase was primarily an entertainer
he had a wonderful act as a pantomimist showing his zest for eating shirt fronts,carnations from his lapel and lunch of cigarettes that he had unpacked from paper and finally a stogie that most everyone thought was hilarious
he then did a strip tease ala gypsey rose lee (she taught him) so that he could finish with a russian
he was 88 when we lost him
and it was to a staph infection
he never really was addicted to smoking
chase is my name