Wednesday, April 25, 2007


I'm hoping some of the European folks could help me out with the name of this act? It's from a 1960s French video and I can't make out the performers' names from the introduction.


Anonymous said...

hmmmmm..... no idea.

I know one thing: i'ts not very funny but the car is wel prepared.

what I do know are some current acts with a car.

for instant " les Gaspars" this is a trio from portugal and there primary act is rola bola ( they were at monte carlo in 2005) and there second act is the comedy taxi.

perhaps it is them .

Anonymous said...

I think it's the Arty Doro comedy car. I've seen this act on one of those old Bert Parks "Circus" TV shows. Weird act, but like Zippo said in his earlier post, good visual bits with the car, especially love the "biting the head off" bit.


Anonymous said...

It's certainly not the current Gaspar family (although Gaspar is actually the father's Christian name). And I believe that the rola bola act was framed for Vargas.
The family is currently in France with Amar.
Unfortunately I'm having computer problems and clips like this jump straight from start to finish, so my only clue is the still of the car itself.
From the background, I'd say that the clip was hot in Cirque d'Hiver in Paris as part of an edition of the television series "La Piste Aux Etolies" (The Ring of the Stars).


Pat Cashin said...


You are correct, sir.

This is from the DVD boxed set. Any idea if there is more footage out there than what was released on the DVDs? Being filmed for television, these are shot perfectly (aside from the house lights being up full) and allow you to study the material much better than most circus footage.