Monday, April 23, 2007

AVNER THE ECCENTRIC: Exceptions to Gravity Promo Video

The promo video for Avner's show EXCEPTIONS TO GRAVITY.

It strikes me that Avner's show is actually closer to what people are trying to describe when they talk about the "New Vaudeville" performances of Bill Irwin. Irwin's shows are uniformly brilliant, but I think owe more to the Commedia tradition and silent film comedy than to vaudeville.

There are bits and pieces that bring to mind previous vaudevillians such as W.C. Fields, Chaz Chase, George Carl and many others but they are all being channeled through Avner's unique and very distinct persona and style and morphed into something original and new.

Avner could be working today, tomorrow or 90 years ago, anywhere on earth, and would still be considered a legendary vaudeville comedian.

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Anonymous said...

great video.

I like it a lott!!!
his mimic is great, simple but effective things staged very well.


to do plain and simple things is the most difficult of them all