Wednesday, August 22, 2007

DAVID SHINER: Just for Laughs Festival

David Shiner performs his signature piece at the Montreal Just for Laughs Festival.


Anonymous said...


it is a long time ago because we see a young shiner here but the gag is performed soooo well.

his mimic, his moves... just perfect.

and the audience members are also good.

the lover boy is even funny: he has more laughs with his little pantomime then shiner.

great video to see.....

more more... we want more

Grock said...

I saw Carlo Colombaioni, he has this number but instead of a silent film is a Greek tragedy.
Is good very effective if you know how to play with the "actors" that are on stage.

Anonymous said...

I had the honor of seeing Shiner live in fools moon, then having drinks after.(just lucky) he is just like his clown on stage. yeah hes a funny dude, but why? after watching it many times, I have decided its because hes just being him. his frustration comes from the heart and hes intense on stage as well as off. He doesn't do cliche moves like shaking his head in his hand he is truly pissed and there is so much behind it. bravo! bugsbe