Wednesday, September 12, 2007

SCOTT O'DONNELL: Comedy Dog Act, Ringling 2006-07

Former Blue Unit Boss Clown Scott O'Donnell's comedy dog act replaced Sveltlana Shamsheeva during the second year of the "Circus of Dreams" tour before Scott injured his back and retired from performing.

I just heard from Scott who is recuperating nicely and has a wonderful opportunity ahead of him.

I wish him the absolute best of luck and a very speedy recovery.


Jon Pult said...

A quick question...I have noticed over my years of attending the ircus that there is more and more use of sound effects to go along with the clowning -- a series of boings and clunks, etc., like in the posted dog video. For me it just gets in the way, the aural assault tends to overwhelm the performance. I'm curious how you feel about it.

justlarry said...

Now that my friend is the current Million Dollar Question.
A large group of us are discussing, and fact finding this right now.
Greg got any ideas?

Anonymous said...

Not sure what ideas I may have...but in regards to the sound effects, i too think a few less would be in order...I rarely remember walking across the arena floor sounding like Fred Flintstone and hearing assorted whistles and squeeks with every movement. like everything else we use in clowning...props, explosions, soap, water...a little goes a long way.