Friday, March 14, 2008


Very happy 28th birthday wishes (Ruth won't be 29 until next year) go out today to longtime Ringling clown and Special Events Manager, Ms. Ruth Chaddock, a woman who knows that the most direct route to a redheaded 5 year old boy's heart is with an enormous bag of popcorn ; )

You now have a friend for life.

All throughout the show Shane was happily munching away, sharing with the kids around him and and telling everyone, "My friend Ruthie gived me this whole thing!!!"

Incidentally, Ms. Chaddock's birthday announcement is also's 1,500th post.

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Anonymous said...

Hopefully I can be 1501, by wishing the wonderful Ruthie a very Happy Birthday. You might need to rent the Garden's Pat, to get all the Birthday clown's into the party.
Wow, what a litter. Is this some new artificial insemination technique, they use at the Clown stud farm. I'll bet the mother is tired, after laughing all through the delivery.
Wade Burck