Sunday, March 09, 2008

TOM DOUGHERTY: 2007 Otto Griebling Award Presentation

Thanks go out this morning to the Felix Adler Tent of the CFA for another fine "Sugarfest" at the Izod Center (formerly the Continental Airlines Arena, formerly the Meadowlands Arena, formerly the Brendan Byrne Arena, soon to be demolished anyway) at which we had the opportunity to present Tom Dougherty with his 2007 Otto Griebling Award for Solo Clowning.

We were fortunate enough to have Ruth Chaddock, Barry Lubin, Fudi, Joel Jeske, Paul and Diane Gutheil, Maxine House, Alan Miller, the Blue Show cast and crew (including the entire Alley), the Circus Fans and many others in attendance for the presentation and I am deeply indebted to Mr. Jeske for his introduction.

Tom was genuinely touched and quite honored to be so recognized by his peers and to have the award presented in such an seemingly tailor-made environment.

If you have not yet seen the new Blue Show, Tom Dougherty seems to have inhertited James Brown's title as, far and away, the Hardest Working Man in Show Business. He is seldom off the floor and gives 100% throughout the entire show.

He's an amazing performer and a wonderful guy and Andrew Scharff and I apologize profusely for unintentionally keeping him out so late in the middle of a six-pack weekend on the night that we set the clocks ahead. D'oh!

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