Wednesday, April 16, 2008

CLOWN ALLEY: Clown Band, Shrine Circus , 1962 (?)

Photo and comments courtesy of Tom Holbrook


I saw that you posted the photo I own that Arte found on-line & emailed you through your blog some info on this image.

Here is another image of the Sherman Brothers in the Shrine Circus Clown Band, I believe from the 1962 or so. Maybe someone can help us with the show. is getting bigger. Glad to be of help.

Hope you too can be of help to my research on the Sherman Brothers.
I am in need of ANY and ALL info, photos, programs, articles, stories,...
Tom Holbrook

Anyone out there have any scans of photos or articles on Chester and Joe that I can pass along to Tom to help him with his research?

As for this picture, I think that it's...

TOP ROW: Chester Sherman, unsure, Jimmy Davidson, Al Ross, Charlie Lewis, Al Ackerman (?), unsure and Joe Sherman

BOTTOM ROW: Bob-lo (?), Happy Kellams, Carl Marx and Dick "Rocko" Lewis

If this is a photo from 1962 it has got to be extremely late is Dick Lewis' career.


24-HOUR-MAN said...

Next to Joe Sherman is Bill Alcott, I believe the little person down front is Ruby Landrus, not Joe "Capt. Bob-Lo" Short.

24-HOUR-MAN said...

The presence of Ackerman, Alcott, Marx, & Rocko Lewis tells me Orrin Davenport Show, they were pretty much regulars there.

Anonymous said...

This site is wonderful.
Thank you Pat and 24-hour-man.
I was told 1962,...
I know that Joe & Chester were on the Orrin Davenport shows,...
Tom Holbrook

Anonymous said...

Has anyone information on Rocko Lewis,...I heard he did a Table and Chair Balance act. Photos?
Tom Holbrook