Wednesday, April 16, 2008

CLOWN ALLEY: From Billy Vaughn

Photo courtesy of Billy Vaughn

This is the Castle Show alley 1980.

A few corrections:

Mr. Castle's first name was "Hubert", not "Herbert".

Bill Ballantine's son Toby's last name is "Ballantine", not "Valentine".

I'm fairly certain that the reporter is correct about it being Wichita.

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Anonymous said...

Let's talk more about my good friend Bill Ballantine. On my living room wall is Bill's ink sketch of Otto which he did for his book, "Clown Alley." Better still, he hand colored it for an appearance promoting the book on "The Today Show."

I had asked Bill if I could buy one of his original sketches to frame and display. (We became great friends as I spent much time in Venice on Clown College national publicity.) He never answered me but one day, out of the blue, the hand-colored Otto drawing arrived. Needless to say it's among my most prize possessions.

Best to all in Clown Alley and their friends and fans,

Jack Ryan