Sunday, May 04, 2008


Photos courtesy of Gary Spear

On May 1st, 2008 I visited the Melha Shrine Circus in West Springfield, MA to lend some support to the clown unit and to visit many of my friends on the show.

I also had the chance to consult with Lou Ann Jacobs about this year's Lou Jacobs Lifetime Achievment Award recipient ; )

During the first act of the show Giovanni "Nino" Zoppe invited me to play straight man for his trapeze rountine which he closes the show with.

How could I say no?

I rounded up some black dress pants from my friend Adam Burck, a black sweater from Giovanni and some last minute instructions from Shane Hansen but ran out of time before I could find black socks and sneakers. My feeling is, "If they are looking at the color of the straight man's footwear, the problem is the performer and not his shoes!"

With minimal rehearsal time, I think we pulled it off quite nicely...

I always worry that I'm not playing "big" enough, especially in giant arenas, so I am especially proud of this photo.

No "spaghetti" on my plate at all!

I am about to slap Nino, and every seat in the house knows it!

Tossing Nino out of the ring...

Tensing up with anger...

Nino closes the show to thunderous applause.

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Anonymous said...


Great gag...too bad about the white shoes! Seriously, we are all so grateful that you came to see us (oh, and your other circus friends, too!)

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