Thursday, September 24, 2009


I know that there are Christians, there are clowns and then there are "Christian Clowns".

Does anyone know of Jewish, Muslim, Hindu or any other equivalents to the "Christian Clown"?

I don't mean the Trickster character in Native American folklore, or the Buddhist concept of the "Holy Fool". I mean a comparable, contemporary organization.

If there are, I can't find any information on them.

If not, I wonder why?


Anonymous said...

Hi Pat,

I remember reading either in the Calliope magazine or in Clowning Around about a group of clowns who were Jewish and they had formed an alley (or group). I'll try and research my files and see if I can locate the article and pass it along.

I don't believe they were specifically focused on any particular belief other than laughter can be a good diversion for those who need their spirits lifted.

Best regards,
Keith Karas

Mark Lavender said...

Pat, during Clown College 1975, there was a really cool gal from Philadelphia who taught a section on clowning and its connection and roots to the early church in Europe from the middle ages and forward - and also, she put forward different histories of clown archetypes I believe, from ancient Greek culture, shamanistic and pagan cultures as well - to the jesters of the european king's courts of Europe - I believe she also referenced clown-like types and figures in native american culture.
I believe her name is "Pat" also.
and a very lovely person.
If anyone remembers her last name, or knows her, or knows where she is now, I'd bet she's likely still the same cool person who enjoys her work and research. She might could shed some interesting light on some of these questions.

Anonymous said...

Would that have been Phyllis Rogers?

Bruce the Clown

Rik Gern said...

Maybe it's because proselytizing isn't as much a part of the culture of those religions as it is with Christianity?

clownron said...

Right on Rik...

Capricorn said...

Proselytizing should be considered a sin.