Friday, November 20, 2009

MICKEY McDONALD: Camden Courier-Post (June 9,1933)

"Hebrew skip-dance"?!? Apparently, had circus comedians of the past not bowed to the pressures of "political correctness", we would not have lost the great rabbinical pachyderm routines of yesteryear...

Clown Elephant Puts on Own 'Weber-and-Fields' Show

Of the many uproariously funny clown gags in the Great Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus, coming to Camden next Thursday, probably the most talented is Mickey McDonald and "Joel", one of the clown elephants, in their impersonation of the Hebrew. In this, the huge pachyderm will be seen doing the Hebrew skip-dance, one of the most difficult things ever taught an elephant.

The vast audiences never fail to respond with roars of laughter and applause, as the pair proceed around the full length of the great hippodrome track.

There are 65 funsters with the huge show this season, and all are of national reputations. A clown band of 35 pieces is another of the outstanding clown features with "The Highest Class Circus on Earth."

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