Monday, November 16, 2009


In conjunction with the Festival International du Cirque de Monte-Carlo (International Circus Festival), Telmondis (audiotelevision company), and the World Circus Federation, To the Moon Productions is filming a documentary highlighting Circus culture across the world.

When four circus acts leave their home countries to compete for the gold medal at the 34th International Circus Festival of Monte-Carlo, cultural ties are transcended and the true meaning of the circus world is illuminated. Their languages are different, their music contrasting, and their country’s opinion of the circus differ, but each performer has the same sparkle in their eyes. At stake is the equivalent of an Academy Award; recognition, respect, and a chance for stardom under the big top. It’s the Golden Clown.

See the acts we will follow to the festival!

This film takes the subject of the Circus worldwide and gives it an international perspective as never done before. The circus has a culture of its own, a culture outside and beyond age, country and time; that's what makes it so unique. Highly overlooked, the Circus is a unique subject that has the ability to open up the hearts and imaginations of young and old, rich and poor, conservative and liberal. The film will invite viewers to enter the world of the circus, where, for both the performers and the audience, differences are suspended and magic and art unite. It will be a reminder to those who have forgotten that the world of make-believe and magic still lives in the art of the Circus, the characters that create it, and a old rich history. Both the magical and the extreme physical elements of the Circus will educate and inspire, and the artists will be brought into the well-deserved mainstream spotlight.

I have been drawn to the world of the Circus since before I can remember; maybe it was the trapeze hanging from my Aunt’s New York loft, one of my earliest memories. To me, my Aunt, Karen Gersch, encompasses the universal circus character, as she has been telling me tales of that world my whole life. To me the Circus is the utmost example of people giving in completely to their dream and taking the risk to push themselves creatively and physically to the limit. Who knows, if my parents had taken me to any more Circuses I probably would have run away and joined one, instead here I am, with my camera and love of filmmaking trying to capture what it is that fascinates me, Karen, and people worldwide about this unique and unexplored world.

Once completed, the feature film will be aired on TV, screened at Festivals, and sold as a DVD locally and internationally. Contact with international distributors will be made and distribution of the DVD will be coordinated with major Circus groups and events. -

Are you a Circus, Circus school, or Circus organization? Let’s work together. Promotion can happen on both ends & down the road screenings for the film can be set up in conjunction with events. Contact me!

ANGELA SNOW, Director / Producer
IAN ISSITT, Cinematographer
ERSELLIA FERRON, Associate Producer
ACROBRATS, Fiscal Sponsor

Funds needed! Filming begins December 2009 – January 2010. Editing will commence immediately after, depending on funds.

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