Monday, December 21, 2009

COCO TRIBUTES: Mr. Bill on the Slopes

From my friend Bill "Mr. Bill" Machtel...
"I'm loving all the Coco hats on everyone.

I didn't know him, but it was fun seeing him laugh at our slap stick routine in Baraboo last year at the reunion. I feel privileged to be doing many of the things that he did so well, stilt walking, performing all around the globe and adding my own skiing skills to the clown world.

Here are three photos that I took today on the mountain with the race team and in my Kinderkids class. This is my 20th season at Alpine Valley in East Troy WI. Then check out ski school. I'm booked through March so between teaching 3rd grade in Milwaukee and Skiing all weekends and holidays I don't get a single day off until spring break when I take my family to Mexico for 10 days.

Let's hear a big Awwwwwww for Mr. Bill who is so busy working. Stinking skiing and getting paid to ski and clown? Not a bad gig!"

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