Sunday, December 20, 2009

2009 SHOWFOLKS CIRCUS: More Photos

Photos courtesy of Penny Wilson Rodriguez (Dime's daughter ; )

Toby Circus Ballantine witha Coco tribute of his own, on high stilts during come-in

Toby with Henrietta

Karen, Robin and Barry's expressions as I explain to them that we aren't getting paid for this.

(All the performers and crew at the Showfolks Circus volunteer their time and talents)

Elmo Gibb

Jackie LeClaire

Barry "Bonzo" DeChant
(This poor guy made the mistake of visiting the arena that morning and wound up stuffed in the clown car!)

Robin "Rusty the Handyman" Eurich

Karen Bell

Barry Phillips

Jackie had them eating out of the palm of his hand trom the very moment that he stepped into the ring. Never underestimate an audience's response (especially a Sarasota audience) to a honest-to-goodness three ring circus clown!

Karen Bell steps out

Toby yanking the long shirt off of Elmo

Like I said, I don't think that I've seen a long shirt longer or better made than the one Toby has

Smile, style and then profile as all clown exit running
(and not Shrine gag running either, running ALL THE WAY THROUGH THE CURTAIN!)

Jackie and Robin
(Batman has a yonger partner named Robin, Jackie has a
younger partner named Robin, ergo: Jackie LeClaire is Batman)

Another shot of everyone with the Coco tribute board that Graham had left to be placed in the lobby.

(Left to right: Toby Circus Ballantine, Pat Cashin, Robin Eurich,
Barry Phillips, Elmo Gibb, Karen Bell & Barry DeChant)


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