Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Shane came home from school today to find a box from Elmo Gibb waiting on the dining room table. In it, a custom made "Cashin Comedy Co." slapstick! We spent the afternoon whacking each other (and fighting the urge to give Jamie a swat on his diaper-protected rump).

It's the perfect Christmas gift, a blow-off to the Elastic Gag!

(Shane, pictured above in his new Christmas Story "Ralphie" glasses)

Thank you, Elmo! Merry Christmas!


Elmo Gibb said...

Any kid who reads 100 books during summer break deserves a slapstick!


Gary said...

You'll slap your eyes out, kid!

Mike Naughton said...


Put one on reserve for me!
Email price, shipping cost, et cetera.
Great idea.


Unknown said...

Merry Christmas Pat and Family

Jon Davison said...

Where can I get one?!

Mike Naughton said...


If you don't mind a little commercial for Elmo.


He is a first-class prop builder of clown and magic items.

Folks, get your orders in early because he is a very busy builder.

I met Elmo at the Rochester, NY Shrine date in 1980. There were 8 clowns in the alley on the M&M Circus International produced date. Until the Showfolks Circus a few weeks ago, I haven't seen that many professional clowns on an independently produced circus date.

History is starting to repeat itself!

BAMBOUK said...

I met Elmo Gibb in 1998 at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire. I was rehearsing a show on a stage adjacent to Elmo's site on which he was building a restaurant. Mostly by himself. A restaurant. By himself.

One day, after rehearsal, he came over, said hi, told me he thought I was doing some funny things and suggested some ways I could add more comedy and make some bits even funnier.

I thought, "Who the hell is this contractor giving me comedy advice?"

A few weeks later, I realized exactly who he was. A clown I had seen doing advance work in the Trumbull CT Mall, that I had tremendous respect for and I was fortunate enough to develop a nice friendship with hi over the next few years.

Yay Elmo Gibb!