Wednesday, November 17, 2010

WANTED: Circus Fan With Back Issues of Bandwagon, White Tops etc.

Is there a circus fan out there with a large collection and the time and interest to search through back issues of publications like White Tops, Circus Report, Billboard, Bandwagon, Call of the Calliope etc. for clown photos and articles to share?

Anthing sent will be posted and shared with the ICHOF.



Anonymous said...


I have a collection of Calliope's from the late 60 thru 70's and Bandwagons late 60's and would be so honored to search for the above.

I don't have the Call of the Calliope, just the Calliope (old COA) and the Bandwagon as mentioned.

Walt Lee of COAI may have some older Calliope newsletters.

Best regards,
Keith "Bobalouie" Karas
Free State Clown Alley #30
Baltimore, MD

Pat Cashin said...

Thank you, Keith!

Any and all contributions will be very much appreciated!