Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Have Yourself a Frosty Little Top Hat

Greg DeSanto points out that "Soapy" was a childhood nickname of Duane Thorpe's the way that "Frosty" was for Glen Little, which reminded me that Frosty hasn't appeared here yet.

So here he is, America's Only Living Master Clown...Mr. Glen "Frosty" Little, looking very debonair in his formal wear.


Anonymous said...

I believe the word 'hot-tay,' generously used by Mr. Little, translated roughly to:

"Get your ass in the ring and do something funny or there'll be no 'do-re-me' for you clownie!"

Anonymous said...

pbnznpat, you use the phrase " Master Clown " a bit. Could you explain what that is or how the title is given? Is it because one id given that title by RBBB Corp. or has the clown done something exceptional in his career, or is it just another way of expressing a producing clown that represents a corporation and is the eyes and ears of the managment?

Pat Cashin said...

In the early days of Ringling Clown College three people were designated "Master Clown" status, Lou Jacobs, Otto Griebling and Bobby Kay.

Ringling was the only circus to award it's senior clowns "Master Clown" status.

No one was awarded a posthumous title so that is why Felix Adler, Paul Jung and other high caliber clowns are not identified as "Master Clowns".

In 1983 Frosty Little was the fourth and final person have the title of "Master Clown" bestowed upon him.

Irvin Feld passed away in 1984. Neither Kenneth Feld nor his daughter Nicole have conferred any new Master Clowns so Frosty Little
is the last surviving person with that distinguished title.

It is high time that some show, Ringling or otherwise, begin to award the title to current working professionals in an effort to keep the art of professional circus clowning focused and to insure it's traditions continue.

I'd like to see the status conferred upon Greg and Karen DeSanto, and possibly a few others, but I think that Greg and Karen would be excellent choices to insure that "classic clowning" continues into the 21st century.

Mr. Lee said...

Anonymuos, you hit the nail on the head! The term was only a managment ploy to let the clown wannabe's know their place, it also gave creedance to those who were still alive and employed by the show who were instructors at Clown college. There are many working professional clowns out on the road today some are funnier than others, but if they are out on the road in a truck or trailer trying to earn a living and entertaining folks, then they're aces with me!. As far as some of our more revered funnymen, they are legends and icons to our business I cherish the memories I have for either knowing them or working with them. If the term " Master Clown" is bestowed on anyone in the future I would hope that it was given to them from the clown community itself, not a Corporation! Just my opinion...

Prof. Snip said...

Hello clowns,
Not only Master Clowns needed to be named and honored, BUT inducted into Hall of Fame as well!!! It's long overdue to have them inducted and mastered!

Professor Snip the clown

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the kind words...I really think the greatest clowns stand behind their work, not in front of it. I've learned and enjoyed working with so many great clowns, old-timers and "new boys" (as Soapy would say...)

Keep up the great work with the's a great way to start off my day,thinking of old friends.