Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Paul Jung with Mini Mariachi

Paul Jung, hard at work dreaming up gags for next year's show in his Tampa, FL "Laugh Factory", finding inspiration in the same way that we all do... by have a little person dressed as a Mariachi jump up and down on your desk.

I get some of my best ideas this way ; )


Mr. Pitts said...

I live in San Antonio, TX and let me tell you, there are lots of Mariachi's here. The one in the picture is actually of average size for a mariachi. This is why I have so many fine ideas, I'm surrounded by inspiration. They're at the McDonald's, they work as cashiers at convenience stores with their tiny guitars, ready to burst into song at any moment.

Anonymous said...

Obviously Mr Jung was a very 'short sighted.'

Anonymous said...

Hmm... try reading my previous post with an Italian accent (I will sound just like Ron Severini) or add 'person' to the end of the sentence.