Sunday, September 17, 2006

Felix Adler by Cowboy Mike Keever

Photo courtesy of Cowboy Mike Keever

I need a smile today.

Things are not going my way at the moment and I was looking for something to post for today that made me smile both inside and out. This is it. Its a painting of Felix Adler done by Cowboy Mike Keever.

To paraphrase Steve Smith, "It makes me smile all over".

I apologize for it being sideways, that's how it was received. I still haven't figured out how to correct that on my new mac but I have a few days at home this week, so I hope to get a little more "mac savvy".


Anonymous said...

If you open the image in iPhoto, and then double-click the image in the library to open it into Edit mode, there is a simple-to-use Rotate button. Option-Click to make it rotate in the opposite direction. Then click Done, and it is saved in the new position. Then you can navigate to it to upload to the blog. Have fun!


Anonymous said...

You could also click & drag the picture into photoshop, where you'll find rotate buttons as well. They look like a semi-circle with an arrow on one end. One rotates it clockwise & the other counterclockwise.

Anonymous said...

Tee hee... I have the same problem. Glad to know I'm not alone. When Keever sends me an attachment, I've learned to look at it by standing up and tilting my head sideways. Works for me!

More importantly... it's a great painting! I love seeing the progress with his artwork. Post some more!!!!!