Thursday, January 25, 2007

Charlie Rivel: Part Two

More of Charlie Rivel's masterful entree.


Anonymous said...

Pat, thanks for the Rivel sequences. It fascinated me to see that not only does he go slow, to be expected when European clowns are often characterized as less frenetic than American clowns, but what surprised me on this viewing is that he also goes fast at times.

Watching this makes me realize that many (most?) American clowns, except when running, have one speed. But Rivel switches from the very slow moves around the chair to very active arm movements in the "ballet" section.

Anonymous said...

For some reason this runs in a very jumpy manner when I try to view it, so I haven't watched all the way through, having seen the act (on video) before.
It is certainly a master in action, but there is even slower action before we meet him here. He bows to the ring crew - who bow back - many times. In fact, probably too many.
There is a video in existence wherein this act is interspersed with interview footage. Charlie is wearing a really nice suit, and an obvious wig!
I believe the lady is his daughter, Paulina, who married Alberty Schumann (uncle of Katja, formerly of Big Apple).