Thursday, July 19, 2007

CLOWN ALLEY: Barnum & Bailey Circus 1915

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Gary said...

My great-uncle Hank Peare was in this alley. Pretty sure that's him in the front row, second from left. I have an original of this photo at home. I'll have to double check. Paul Jerome is in the second row, 4th from left. Top row, 6th from left is Herman Joseph, a "Dutch" character clown (basically a Jewish stereotype, a la Weber and Fields) who was around for years. I have some photos of him from the 50s at least. Charlie Bell, if I'm not mistaken, is front row, fourth from left. In the center of the middle row is that guy who had the mysterious fat suit that blew up. I recall Lou saying that he'd never let anyone see inside the costume to see how it worked. Anyone ever figure it out?

Gary Peare