Friday, July 20, 2007

ELMO REMEMBERS: Blue Show Alley '77-'78

Photos courtesy of Dean "Elmo Gibb" Chambers

(Clockwise from the top) Blue show photo in the Alley, Steven Michael (This Is My Trunk) Harris, Rick Parrott, Ed "Buddy" Smith, Steve LaPorte and Terri Frampton-LaPorte, Allan Tuttle, Danny Rodgers, Peter Pitofsky and Bill Witter.


Anonymous said...

don't forget the top panel with Richard Fick sitting to the left and Scott Parker standing in the polka dot hat and in the foreground on the right....?

Anonymous said...

Looking at those pictures and seeing the diversity and creativity each member of that alley has put into there own character, and looking at the alley on the show today i makes you wonder what is going on with the powers that be.

Anonymous said...


Anyone out there, I am looking for the whereabouts of Allan Tuttle. I was his partner during the 1977 -78Blue Unit Season of RRBB. I was a show girl and remember Dean (banjo) and Richard (who lived across the hall from me). I checked San Diego (no luck). I do remember that his parents lived in Reno and woder if he could be there. It has been a long time. I have hundreds of photos of that time and of everyone and wonder if anyone is interested. Any help will be appreciated.


Colette Herwitt
Blue Unit 77-78