Saturday, August 04, 2007


From Circus Roncalli's website, translated by Alta Vista Babelfish...

Gensi, White Clown:

Around a further element Roncallis Clownerie is enriched in this year. The Catalan theatre clown Gensi bezaubert in his nostalgic costumes as a poetic white clown. It only as Pantomimen to designate, became not fair it, because Gensi bezaubert with a kribbelnden mixture from darstellerischem talent and musical intuitive feeling. Gensi visited first a Spanish theatre school, before he itself the clown Trio „Monti & Cia.“ attached, which was to be seen in the past year with Roncalli. Now the clown with the red peruecke leads alone like a red thread by the program. In its spare time the 40jaehrige dedicates itself to the art likewise, then museum and ballet attendance stand on its personal program.

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Anonymous said...

oh boy there are still more german words in the text then english words.

this thing translates like a city guide in hongkong.

next time you 've got a germlan text to translate:I'm willing to do it.

my written English isn't that good also but my german is and I can translate words as darstellerisch and bezauberend.