Monday, October 15, 2007

DAVID SHINER: Carre World Christmas Circus 2006

From the Stardust Theater website...

"There is also great attention for humour this year. Francesco, the classical reprise clown from Italy, has been joined by David Shiner, who is without doubt one of the world¿s best clowns. Mr. Shiner is a regular star in the Las Vegas circuit, with quick and original humour, and although he's a modern day clown, his humour is suitable for audiences of all ages. For many years, David Shiner has dreamed of performing in Carré, and that dream is now finally to come true. "

Francesco and Shiner? Anyone know who'll be on the show this year?

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Anonymous said...

The clowning is down to Les Rossyann.
The bill looks strong, and I like the venue, but I doubt I shall be going.