Monday, May 05, 2008


Terry, Shane and I are about 10 minutes from leaving for a week in Orlando. should continue as usual, but if it doesn't please understand that I am powerless in the face of a five year old boy's overwhelming desire to stand on long lines and be mechanically spun in circles with large groups of like-minded children.

I have plans to get together with Kirk Marsh, if any of the other Orlando-area clowns want to meet up send me an email at

If I make the trek down to Sarasota, does anyone want to meet up at Showfolks?


Anonymous said...

Lots of us would enjoy visiting with us at the "Showfolks", but is open only on Saturdays and our socials are once a month. I am sure Jackie LeClaire would show you around. Hope you know how to connect with him. Keep me advised.

Anonymous said...

Speaking as a Brit with no children, please may I borrow Shane so that I can go to Disneyworld? Or to see "The Jungle Book" which I've never seen in full. I've lead a very sheltered life!!