Monday, February 16, 2009

CLOWN ALLEY: Ringling, Early 60s

Photo courtesy of Sandy Weber

Hey Pat!

I found this picture I have of clowns from the Ringling Alley of the 60's (I can't remember where this came from, perhaps a magazine article. I don't think it came from a program).

Anyway, you can see Jackie Cooper in there as well as Coco (doing a balancing pose with someone I can't identify), Frankie Saluto, Prince Paul, Dennis Stevens, Duane Thorpe, Gene Lewis, Mark Anthony, Fred Freeman, and Owen McQuade (I believe), plus a couple of folks I don't know their names.

Thought it was interesting. Sorry about the crease in the middle of it (if I can find out where it came from I'd love to get a new copy of it!).

Take care!

Your Pal,

Sandy Weber


Pat Cashin said...

To Freddie Freeman's left is Albert White, to Freddie's left is Johnny Day.

I don't think that whiteface in the polka dots is Owen McQuade, but it might be.

I don't know who Coco is working with. It might be a "guest clown".

Anonymous said...

Could that clown with Coco be Segrurra (sp?) that worked the paint routine with him?


Mike Naughton said...

While a natural evolution of a clown's character and makeup is expected as one grows older, Duane Thorpe's seemed to evolve quickly and often times in non-linear flow.
Sometimes he had the "photo white face" mode perfected and then his next creation would be a definite change towards a "comic white face" sans ruffles and sparkles and comfortable in baggy plaids.
I always thought this was a wonderful quality to have, it keeps you on your toes and allows you to shift between the classifications.
Did you discuss this with Duane? Do you have thoughts on this freedom to "update" "evolve" , etc?

Anonymous said...

From what I've HEARD... the balancing clown is a famous whiteface clown that would put that face on when he was doing PR on his days off and/or wanted to do something different... can't remember who it was though...


Anonymous said...

After doing some more research, could the fellow doing the balancing with Coco be Toby Jorio??