Friday, February 20, 2009


The very happiest of 29th birthday wishes to the King of the Soap Gags, the Lord of the Ring and the Most Exhalted Mystic Ruler, Mr. Gregory DeSanto, the best pal a clown nerd ever had!

Happy Birthday, Brother Raccoon!

From the hallowed streets of Greenpernt,
To the shores of Sheepshead Bay, 
From the Verrazano Narrows, 
To Canarsie across the way... 
We have come together, one and all, 
In fellowship to commune, 
And to glorify the Grand Exalted 
Brotherhood of Raccoons. 


Anonymous said...

And a very Happy Birthday to you, Greg, in proper English!

Anonymous said...

29th birthday?

Ah, yes, I remember fondly working with the 4 year old Greg in Clown College, back in 1985...

I wouldn't quite say Greg's changed the face of Modern Clowning, but he sure has soaped it up.

Happy Birthday, Guido. And that's the last time I'll call you that.


Anonymous said...

Two of the very finest REAL CLOWNS in the world today and responsible for countless stitches where I busted my gut and severe bruises from extreme thigh slapping.

Greg, do not look upon it as being another year older, but rather the anniversary of the day the world was first blessed with your presence.

AND you better let your laugh deprived friends in the tri state area know when you'll be back in our neck of the woods.

To paraphrase the words of Ed Norton, "You're one of nature's comedy noblemen!"

My cameras are ready!


PS Health & Happiness on your B'day and always.

Mark Lavender said...

Happy Birthday, young feller, and many more!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Greg!!!!