Wednesday, February 18, 2009

FAY ALEXANDER: Al's Lemon-zine (1974)

Video courtesy of Greg DeSanto

Fay Alexander and "Al's Lemon-zine" on Circus America, Paul V. Kaye's massive all-star, never-to-be-repeated circus at the Capital Centre in Washington, D.C. in 1974.

This is the "original comedy car" and act that Fay purchased from Ernie Wiswell's widow.

Fay is assisted here by Gene Randow.


Little John said...

Once upon a time at CW, Fay told me that Walt Disney hired him to do part of this car gag in the parade as Goofy. 23 years ago I could not have been able to share that information because it was strictly enforced that cast members were not to let it be known that there were people in the costumes, and we were told to tell guest that there was only one Goofy and if asked they traveled back and forth between California and Florida.

More Fay trivia: Did you know that Fay Alexander was Howard Hughes personal barber?

We at CW were lucky enough to have Fay perform this act at the park on a few occasions. (Like Goofy, there are some secrets about the car that I am also to keep to myself.)

Raffaele De Ritis said...

Is him the same Fay Alexander of flying trapeze?

Mike Naughton said...

Yes, Fay is of the FLYING ALEXANDERS.
Fay was also the personal barber to John Herriott.
Cousin to the WIswells, Jack Cook and his comedy car were part of DISNEY ON PARADE where he, too, played Goofy to the antique auto.
Jack met his wife, Patti, who was a dancer on the Disney Show.

Little John said...

And did you know: Fay was the first and perhaps the only flyer to have both caught the triple as the catcher and to have also thrown the triple as well