Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Scans and comments courtesy of Cowboy Mike Keever

From Cowboy Mike...
I found this little treasure. It's a fond memory. At least one year, maybe more??? ...Ringling used this graphic for Promotions in Texas. This was the only one I is a t-shirt....they also had Cowboy Mike on posters (which they used for a few years for Clown College Audition Posters).....and even some billboards. I saw a couple in person, but it killed me that I didn't have a camera...and I don't know of anyone who took a snap shot of the billboards. That was exciting.

Take care my Friend...and keep up the good work!!!
God Bless
Your Friend,
Cowboy Mike Keever

PS. Here's the coloring contest Ringling did in conjuction with the chain of big Western Wear Stores , Shepler's, all over Texas. All of this was way back in 1979

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Anonymous said...

And we remember and miss Cowboy Mike Keever, one of the very best guest speakers the Felix Adler Tent has had in it's 75 year (this year) history.

We love Cowboy Mike!!

Paul & Diane G. RCD