Sunday, March 29, 2009

EARL CHANEY: Circus Alberto Althoff

Um, yeah. I'm going to have to call "shenanigans" on this one. I'm pretty sure Earl never worked on this show.


Anonymous said...

of course not Alberto Althoff is a Dutch circus that still travels today.

Alberto is a very good anial trainer. He hasthe act with the trained cows that also was on stars der manege.

he is the nefew of Toni Boltini

Anonymous said...

the clowns who work there where last season the di lello clowns.

august Allan di Lello
an his wife Jenny van Meggelen as white face ( shes dutch and a former ballet dancer)

they do a music act and a ballet parodie

Anonymous said...

apparantly Mimo di lello and his comedy taxi is there in this years show "fifty-fifty"

and other member of the Italian di lello family

John said...

The current Dutch show is called just "Circus Althoff", so this has to be an old poster.
I confirm that, according to the show's website, Mimo Di Lello is there this season.
Alan and Jenny are in Norway with Merano.