Tuesday, March 31, 2009


A photo by Evan Young of another Lancaster, PA photographer shooting me last week. It felt good to slap on the Mehron like that again. I haven't worn my Ringling whiteface in about 10 years. I left off my nose and painted on one like Bill Ballentine had. When mixed with my auguste costume it gives the whole thing a very Frosty Little-like vibe. Maybe I should call the Felds and tell them that I'm available to be Boss Clown of both units, I'm now old enough and have the suit ; )


BAMBOUK said...

Brian Foley likes this. (I'm in Fbook mode, can you tell?) And is that why Evan missed my show on Sunday? (by the way, I've got four shows left this coming weekend at Baltimore Theatre Project...check out 'The Mechanical' at theatreproject.org for more info!

Dan McCallum said...


It does not look like the whiteface that I remember back then.