Tuesday, March 31, 2009

BILLY BAKER: News from Chatanooga, TN

From my pal, Mr. Billy Baker...

"We have just opened our '09 season and the seeds planted last year are starting to bloom. 

Check out TripAdvisor.com (the internet's leading tour and travel review website) in the search box type in: Jukebox Junction Theater Chattanooga , and see what comes up. You can read some wonderful sentiments left behind by guests, and you'll notice the tourists believe we are the #1 attraction in town....I believe we'll catch the current and ride. In the meantime, I'll keep dropping my drawers. 

A hug to Shane....he's growing up. I love his "toofy" look....my granddaughter, Chloe, is the same age....my, how they resemble each other.... "

A hug to you.................................love, 
For more info on Billy's show please visit jukeboxjunctiontheater.com

If you haven't seen him before, there is no better showman than Billy.
If you have, you don't need me to tell you about him!


Little John said...

The Billy Baker that I knew from the Circus was Sir William Baker’s son. Sir Baker was a Brit that presented our Arabian Liberty horse act after Trevor Bale left Circus World. There may be someone who could say a kind word or two about Billy Baker Jr., but I haven’t met that person. The fact worth bringing up this dribble is that when John Harriot came to Circus World and took charge of out Liberty Act we “house performers” never knew what this act could do. In just two weeks he had these horses flying around unchecked in opposite directions, spinning around in time to the music, and even the grooms looked more into it.

clownron said...


I tried to post a response a few minutes ago but I am not sure if it went through so here is take #2.

Sir William's son was named Tommy Baker not Billy. You may want to lay off the booze when your working.

Tommy was a very good friend of mine. I am sorry that you did not know the Tommy that I knew. He passed this year so you have no need to speak ill of him any more. You won... your still here and Tommy isn't.

Billy Baker is also a friend, and a fine American clown. He not related to the "Brit" Sir William.

Are you sure your name isn't Richard? You sound like a Dick to me.

Little John said...

I am not one to go on the internet at work, and as for the booze I quite that some time ago.

I am sorry to hear that Tommy passed away; he was charming and that charm showed in him when he presented the Liberty horses. I wish that he and his father’s stay at Circus World could have been longer.

I think that you are the first person that has ever called me a Dick. I am sure that my name is not Richard, or NIXON.

Sue Lenz said...

Billy Baker was certainly a clown (and a good one) on RBBBC Red Unit when Rudi & I were there during the 1970's with our Chimp act.

About four years ago we went on vacation to the Smokey Mountains and stumbled on a Theater that had a show called Hillbilly Hoedown. To our surprise it was Billy Bakers show.

It was not only a fantastic show it was great visiting with Billy again after so many years

Sue Lenz