Thursday, April 02, 2009

ROBB ZEISER: Club de Payasos Espanoles y Circus Artistas

Hi Pat!

I had the honor of being a guest at "The Club de Payasos Espanoles y Circus Artistas" in Madrid. Our hosts were beyond gracious and made me feel very welcome. I loved spending my time there looking at all the portraits and listening to their stories.

Warm Regards,
Robb Zeiser

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Anonymous said...

Hey Robb Zeiser, were you not atThe Busker's Fair at the old World Financial Center in lower Manhattan about 13 years ago ?? You had yellow hair, a cap, etc.
If you were,I have photos for you, email me your Pony Express address and I'll send them to you, also looking for mail info for Kelly VanCleeve (Cleef?) and Rocco Paris.

Best regards,

Paul Gutheil, CFA, RCD