Thursday, September 28, 2006

Jack or Jackie?

Photo courtesy of the Fred Pfening Circus Archives

There are a few photos in the enormous Pfening file that may be misidentified and hopefully the folks here will be able to confirm just who is who in these photos.

This photo identifies the subjects as Jack LeClair and Estelle Butler on RBB&B in 1941.

It may be Ringling-Barnum 1941 and that might be Estelle Butler but I'd bet dollars to donuts that this clown is a young JACKIE LeClaire, not his father Jack.


24-HOUR-MAN said...

I recently questioned Jackie about the photo of his father I have on ebay(subliminal suggestion), and in his reply he mentioned he joined his parents on the show in 1944.

24-HOUR-MAN said...

In fact, after comparing photos, unless he used more than one makeup, I don't think this is Jack Sr. either. By the way, make mine a Chocolate Iced, Creme Filled Bismark!!!!

Anonymous said...

I talked to Jackie about this picture. He can't imagine it is him. He said he started clowning at age 15 or 16 in 1944. Unless the date is wrong. He also said other than a few Shrine dates he was always on the Ringling Show.
Mitch Freddes

Pat Cashin said...

It is not me, Jackie, or my father Jack. The basic costume is indeed my fathers.

One year, probably in the early 40's, John Ringling North sent sketches of european style clown costumes to all the clowns. He wanted them to have them made and worn the coming season to give the show a new european clown flavor. My father had some local dressmaker make his.

It is my opinion that that might be Estelle Butler, she certainly is a circus woman and I sincerely belive that the person in his outfit is some newspaper woman, or could be man, that he made up for a "Made into a clown at the circus" type of story, done over and over throughout the years.

I have seen so many, many, of these photos with other clown's costumes being worn. I figure my dad made her or him up, as he mostly always used the finger method of make up and not brushes or pencils, It look like it and there is a similarity in what he would wear. I am surprised he put so much on her, as she is way over made up, not like my dad would ever wear. He always kept his simple.

Love to all Jackie LeClaire