Sunday, September 24, 2006

End of the Tour and Cowboy Mike's Art

It's one of those days.

It's the last day of my 2006 circus season. A rainy day in Jamestown, NY, birthplace of Lucille Ball. The show goes on for one more date in Rochester, MN but I can't be there. No matter. I've always looked forward to working these dates before but this year it just wasn't as much fun.

I'm sitting in my room at the Comfort Inn and listening to Brian Eno and Harold Budd's Ambient Music 2 and I think that I need to see some more of Cowboy Mike Keever's artwork to lighten my mood and get me ready for these last two shows.

Mike's art always picks me up. So does hearing a nice fast rendition of the Dixieland standard "That's a Plenty". Maybe I just need to blast some Dixieland through this room, get some coffee and enjoy my "complimentary continental breakfast" and things will seem a little less gray.

Chuck Sidlow, former Ringling Boss Clown and currently working with Pedro Reiss and Dolly Jacobs' Circus Sarasota.

Duane "Uncle Soapy" Thorpe

Jackie LeClaire

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