Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Fratellini Poster

A poster with no mention of the name of the show at all... only the star attraction, the quintessential clown trio: The Fratellinis.

From top to bottom: Paul the classic auguste turned contre-auguste, Francois the most classic of whitefaces and Albert the man who re-created and forever changed the role and appearance of the auguste.

As for yesterday's post, I've received a few messages from folks telling me stories about how nice it was to work with and for Emmett Jr. on the Emmett Kelly Jr. All-Star Circus in the 70s and early 80s. I'm not saying that Emmett Jr. icouldn't be a wonderful person and a great employer, I just don't see him as a particularly exceptional perfomer or circus clown.

His father, the man who crafted that material and persona, was.


Anonymous said...

Lest you don't know, Paul Fratellini's daughter, Violette, married Charlie Cairoli.
She died almost 4 years ago having outlasted her husband by a little under 23 years.
If you hadn't realise by now, I worship at the shrine of Charlie Cairoli.


Anonymous said...

Pictures of Charlie can be found here