Tuesday, April 29, 2008

IN MEMORIUM: Phil Kavanaugh

Comments courtesy of Kenny Mikey


Whether you knew it our not, this man was your friend. I'm not sure
who out there might have actually MET him, but he was in the biz for
quite some time and travelled internationally, so I thought I'd post

Phil Kavanaugh, fantastic stilt walker, excellent juggler, talent
booker and all around wonderful man, has passed away after a VERY
brave struggle with cancer at the young age of 53.

He travelled with the John Strong circus in the 80's and Ta Fantastika
Czech Black Light Theater. For the past 20 years he had been living in
south Florida.

Energy, comedy and pure joy oozed out of this man. He was a staple at
fairs and festivals down here for many, many years. Everybody that
knew him loved him and EVERYBODY knew him! No matter who you were, he
made you feel like his best friend when you were with him.

He loved great, talented, funky artists and had the chance to support
them for many years as the talent coordinator for the Blake Library in
Stuart, FL. Anyone who has played on that gorgeous stage down here has
done so because of Phil. He brought in some avant garde acts that
certainly no one else in that little town would have the cajones to
book. And the audiences came in droves (and loved it!) time and again.

He was a champion for all of us. He was hilarious. He was loved by
all. He was what we should all aspire to be as performers, friends
and human beings. He was my best friend. (At least I like to think so)

There are a couple of articles about his passing here and here.
If anyone wants to share a story about him, man, I
could sure use a laugh right now.

kenny mikey

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umasola said...

Phil married my best friend. I am so grateful to have been in his company over the years and to treasure many good memories.

Phil's love and respect for all of man-kind and nature; his core values and character; his love of music, art, children, and culture; his devotion to his wife, his friends and his community; his contagious grin and joyful nature enriched my life immensley!!

I miss him terribly, but will hold his spirit in my heart. He lives on through all that he touched and will continue to be an Angle to many.
- Beth