Thursday, May 01, 2008


A very happy First of May to one and all. To celebrate, here are some photos from the biggest First of May party that I was ever invited to... the opening parade of The AEMI International Clown Festival in Liuzhou, China on April 30th, 2007.

Martin Ewen

Jesse Dryden and Todd Zimmerman

Gary "Gilligan" Spear

Jesse on the left, Andrew Scharff on the right and Gary Spear out front on the unicycle.

Bambouk's Matthew Duncan

Jesse Dryden, Andrew Scharff and Todd Zimmerman.

Happy First of May!



Unknown said...

Happy First-o-May to you Mr. Pat. Nice photos, looks like you had a great turn out, there are people everywhere. Sure wish I'd of had some cotton candy on this route....LOL.

BAMBOUK said...

Happy 1 of 5, good friends, and strangers. I spent today in the company of muppets. Awesome.