Friday, June 19, 2009

THE CAIROLIS (circa 1930)

My French is, how you say... non-existent, so I would appreciate any help in confiming that this is a photo of Charlie Cairoli having his pants stitched up by his father Jean and his brother Philip.


Raffaele De Ritis said...

Absolutely yes, a press picture of the early 20s.
Porto will join the troupe later.

But we don't see his face, so he can easily also be Charlie Chaplin in a day off from a late Karno gig in Paris.

Peppo the Clown said...

You are absolutely right, Pat, they are the Cairolis, and I can't recall how many clowns were photographed like this, having their pants stitched... I remember Nicolai Coco, Jimmy Armstrong (you posted that photo years ago), Paul Jung, and some anonymous clowns... Is not that icredibly funny, I guess, but for some reason the image became popular among clowns.