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The New York Goofs and The Foundation for Laughter

JULY 13-25, 2009

This two week intensive workshop will focus on learning the basic tools of improvisation and character development needed to enhance your journey as a physical actor, clown or comedian. The instructors have extensive backgrounds as performers in the circus as well as on stage and in film. They currently clown in traditional and non-traditional venues around the world, and they are considered some of the best artists in the field.

Two full weeks of clown immersion at the Flea Theatre.

Seven terrific instructors and an unforgettable life experience.

Feel free to email us with any questions!

TUITION: $750 for Week One only, $1350 for Both Weeks.

WHEN: JULY 13-25, 2009

41 White Street
NY, NY 10013

CALL: 972-513-0669



CLOWNS, COMICS AND COMEDIANS - A Video Master Class in the Art of Comedy 

From the DeSanto Clown Archives comes some of the greatest European Clown Entrees, American Clown Gags, Vaudeville, Burlesque & Music Hall performers, Variety Acts, Ice Show comics, Rodeo Clowns, Film & Televisions Greatest Funnymen and the Modern Masters of the New Vaudeville Movement.

If you've ever wanted to see Grock, Lou Jacobs, The Fratellini, Joe Jackson, Jr. & Sr., Otto Griebling, Charlie Rivel, George Carl, Gene Sheldon, Felix Adler, Buster Keaton, Chaz Chase, Freddie Trenkler, Max Patkin, Emmett Kelly, Toto Chabri, Tommy Cooper, Jimmy Savo, Oleg Popov, Paul Jung, Pio Nock, Wally Boag, Spike Jones, Don Saunders, Milo & Roger, Charlie Caroli, Red Skelton and Karendash among hundreds more, then this two day video master class is for you!

July 20th & 21st at the NY Goofs School at the Flea Theater, 41 White Street, between Broadway & Church Street, three blocks south of Canal.

Class times are from 7:00pm till 10:00pm both days

Fee is $20.00 per day! Recession-Proof Comedy! Tickets can be purchased on our website on the Clown School page.

Special Guest Instructor:


Currently entering his third decade as a professional circus clown and variety performer, Greg DeSanto brings his unique talents and comic point of view to every facet of performance.

Greg graduated in 1985 from the acclaimed Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey Clown College. He was the featured producing clown and created, wrote and directed original clown material for the Blue, Red and Gold Units of the Ringling Circus for 10 years. He then became the featured clown on the 1996-1997 and 2005-2006 tour of the Big Apple Circus.

His work as a performer has been featured in such diverse locals as center ring of Madison Square Garden to the historic vaudeville stages of the Al Ringling Theater and the Sarasota Opera House to Cultural centers like the White House and Lincoln Center. Greg joined fellow clowns Lou Jacobs, Bill Irwin and Steve Smith as the 1995 recipient of the FUNNY FACE Award from the National Clown Arts Council for his creative leadership in clowning. He was inducted into the 2001 EHS HALL OF FAME for his contributions to the arts and humanities. He and his wife and performing partner Karen were recently awarded the 2007 Paul Jung Award for best comedy duo.

Greg has served as the Director of Clowning for Feld Entertainment, was a staff member of Clown College for 10 years, taught master classes in physical comedy for the Universities of Virginia and Wisconsin, serves on the Board of Directors for the International Clown Hall of Fame and Research Center and continues to perform in circus's, festivals and performance venues here and abroad.

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