Friday, June 19, 2009

THE JACKSONS: Sharpshooter; Cirkus Brazil Jack (1985)


Anonymous said...

When I was performing with Cirkus Olympia in Sweden (1990 and 1991)I had the chance to see Cirkus Starlight and Cirkus Maximum...but did not see Cirkus Brazil Jack.

Trolle Rhodin did come over from Brazil Jack to see our show quite a few times. He always said the same thing..."Did you clowns work on Ringling?".

He had met me many times when I was on the RBBB Red unit. We even talked about how I was heading to Sweden.

In 1996 while performing on the Silja Scandinavia cruise ship I had a couple days off in Stockholm and ran smack into the Brazil Jack lot not far from the port. The show was over but I did visit with Trolle briefly. He was not a well man at the time and I do not think it was much later on that he passed away if I recall correctly.

"Toto" Johnson

John said...

Brazil Jack exists still, albeit under different management within the Rhodin family. It tends to open in Malmo at the end of March. This season, the clowns are Trio Jose Michels, whose main act is a water number. As well as Jose, the act features his wife Giukia s white face and Jose's brother (Kiko ?) as second auguste.
The act is booked for Cirque d'Hiver in Paris for the winter season, as are Les Martinis with their musical number.