Thursday, June 18, 2009


Someone had recently asked if any progress had been made in the effort to get Slivers Oakley a headstone...

I'd like to begin a drive next year that would give us five years to raise the funds to commission a statue similar to the one at the gravesite of Yuri Nikulin.

We could have it created and installed in time for the 100th anniversary of his passing.

"Why, something like that would be impossible!!!"

No. No, it would not.

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Rose said...

It's entirely possible.

It's completely worthy.

It should be done if it could be done, and it can be done, so lets do it.

Even if none of us have a great deal of cash, or even a small bit of cash, we can do something. Promote, or donate. We can do something.

Keep us updated on your plans, Pat. Let us know what course to take...and I know many will help.