Monday, January 19, 2009

FROM TODAY'S PHOTO SHOOT: My New 2009 Character

Photos by Evan Young

Evan Young is not only an amazing performer, he's an incredible photographer as well.

These are just a few of the shots that he took of me today.

To contact Evan about doing your promo photos, please click here.


Mike Naughton said...

All you need is a piano!

How much money do you spend on your clown stuff in an average year?

Does the lovely Mrs. Cashin KNOW how much money you spend in an average year?

Who made the wardrobe?

Where did you get the wig?

You have everything you need except a contract.

Anonymous said...

Hair, niiiiiiice. (P.S. Thanks for the fab MLK day items. Lovvvved that Nicholas Brothers' slide.)

Anonymous said...

The photo's are beautiful, however the subject matter is questionable. Just kidding Pallie, I'm sure there isn't an old folks home in New Jersey that would pass you up for a bingo caller.


Anonymous said...

A clown can never have enough pair of shoes and wardrobe,all I need is a contract with ringling thank goodnes there is a collegiate circus here in il where I can get my circus fix,and I dont miss doing birthdays for sure.check out the website hint hint im the one in the moe style wig with off the rack costumes but know I have everything custom made if I have the money

Anonymous said...

Will you pleeeeeeeeeease quit getting new costumes so Mary can finally get to me!!! I have been waiting for like forever dude!!!

Anonymous said...

Great shots ! Great subject ! Makes me wonder why I keep trying.

Anonymous said...

What show will you be on with this character, Pat?